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The "reviews" are in. And they are good!

“Thanks so much for the time, creative energy, expertise and passion you shared with my kids and staff yesterday. You are a terrific, straightforward communicator! Your messages – both new information and the reinforcement of concepts I had already discussed with my cast, were “heard” and many have been implemented already”.

“One of the things that we appreciated most about your visit was your ability to cut to the heart of the mater, showing way to improve our “telling the story” through music and drama… communication – through-artistry-technique”.

“I would recommend a Craig Schulman workshop to any high school or college for that matter, adult theater groups who wish to see their members “push the envelope” in theatrical and/or musical technique and artistry. What a wonderful opportunity for my kids!”

– Deb Vanneman, Rancocus Valley High School, Rancocus, NJ


Our production of Les Mis opened last night. What an incredible experience this has been. Thank you so much for the workshop you provided our kids. I loved watching you work with the students. I know the kids got a lot out of the experience, but it was also a great experience for Jim and I. I know that it's not possible, but I wish you could see our finished product. Thank you again for your contribution to our program!

I would like very much to have you come back next year. I have spoken to my boss and discussed an artist in residence sort of thing. You could come and workshop with the kids and maybe we could have a concert or something as a culminating event...

Thanks again for sharing your talent and love of musical theater!

– Melissa Gleichenhaus, Roy C. Ketcham High School, Wappingers Falls, NY

P.S. Your CD is amazing!

Thank you for the great workshop last Wednesday. It was a pleasure meeting you and your input into our production of Les Misérables, School Edition was a real booster shot during our fifth week of rehearsal.

For a high school theatre company to get to see and hear a seasoned musical theatre performer who possesses extraordinary talents is wonderful. But to get a chance to hear advice, have questions answered, to be critiqued, and to work on your own production with this actor as a "guest" director is INCREDIBLE. Craig Schulman, the actor who has played Jean Valjean from Les Misérables more than any individual has developed a theatre workshop program that can be adapted for any production, but for our purposes was used during our rehearsal period for Les Misérables, School Edition.

During a master vocal class, where Mr. Schulman imparts ideas regarding the audition process, six of my students were praised, encouraged, made to feel comfortable, and always given advice as to what to do next to get to a higher level of performance. Every student during this component of the workshop left smiling as Craig developed an immediate rapport with each.

The Q &A session that followed addressed questions about the "business." Funny anecdotes, "insider" stories that shared the joy and complexity of theatre were told. The students sensed they were in the presence of a man "in the know."

Mr. Schulman then performed three musical numbers demonstrating emotional range, and vocal technique that validated his status as possessing "vocal chords of steel." His rendition of Bring Him Home from Les Misérables brought tears to everyone's eyes.

After a short break, Craig worked a number of scenes from our show. His suggestions were tried and we all sensed this as being another opportunity to improve our production. The greatest bonus at this point of the workshop was the validation of many skills taught by their theatre teacher. As the students heard the same "notes" coming from a professional actor that they heard from their school director, the students realized the "truth" of many of the comments made by their teacher.

Mr. Schulman's workshop offers a full afternoon and evening of training that will impact on your theatre company for many productions to come. This is an experience that I hope to repeat on a regular basis.

– David Kramer, Theatre Director, Miller Place High School, Miller Place, NY

Hi Craig,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the workshop/master class you did at Ilion on February 3rd. I have participated and viewed many workshops in my career, and this was by far the best I have ever participated in. The students are still talking about the workshop and have gained a great deal from it.

In my opinion, your workshop has inspired the students and taught and reinforced issues that would take us at least a week or more to solve in rehearsals. I look forward to working with you

again at the concert on April 8th. Thank you again for such a wonderful, inspirational afternoon. You are a great role model for students and all in the profession. Thanks again.

– Mark Bunce, Ilion High School, Ilion, NY


I'm a guidance counselor at Ketcham High, and I was in the auditorium for part of your workshop today. I realize that you were compensated for the program, and you are worth every penny, but I just want to tell you how much you were appreciated by the kids and by the school community.

This was an incredible opportunity for our kids, and a wonderful learning experience for the cast & crew. You are to be commended for making yourself available to school groups and for taking the time to work with our young people. Too many of the kids only see performing artists on MTV and "e" television, and they don't get a real, honest and true perspective. Your approach was excellent, and I know that the kids learned a great deal from your words and from your actions today. Keep up the good work!!!

– Rodger Higgins, Roy C. Ketcham High School, Wappingers Falls, NY

Dear Craig,

The workshop you presented at Frontier High School is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my 32-year teaching career. You have inspired my students beyond belief. The master class was invaluable to our young vocalists and the "gentle" corrections and suggestions offered have been taken to heart. They are practicing as never before.

Your performance was unbelievable. If you were to return to the Valjean role on Broadway, Les Misérables would undoubtedly run another 10 years.

Your performance critique has inspired the students to organize small rehearsal groups and employ the techniques you introduced. You have given our theatre department an evening they will never forget.

Thanks for an experience of immeasurable value. Please consider the Frontier community your number one fan!

– Larry Albert, Musical Director, Frontier Central School, Hamburg, NY


WOW the cast and crew are still talking about your visit. In my theatre class, we journalized what they learned from you. The results were amazing. They learned so much from your work, your life, your workshop and your inspiring words…

…Thank you for your insight, your enthusiasm, your helpful suggestions, and your willingness to make a difference in a child's life. It was great to meet you good luck on the rest of your workshops.

Kathy Chesley, West Seneca High School, West Seneca, NY

“Judging by their comments today, you had a tremendous impact on my students yesterday! Today’s rehearsal had much more energy and focus.”

“Perhaps what they enjoyed the most was that, when you performed for them, you put into practice everything you told them they needed to do. To quote one senior girl” Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t take my eyes away from him. I saw everything going on in this mind in his eyes.”

“You definitely inspired them to think about why they do “anything” on stage. I’ve also received letters and emails from several parents sharing that they thought the experience was wonderful!”

– Jeanne Haynes, Moorestown High School, Moorestown, NJ


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